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Welcome to Olympic Sochi - guided tour

Special tour for our foreighn tourists who wants to know more about Sochi.

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The resort "Imeretinsky " by the beginning of the season will open landscaped sea promenade 20.03.2018

The main attractions of the new walking area will be an acrobatic trapeze and a sailing ship.

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Bath in the mountains of Sochi 06.03.2018

The ski resort Krasnaya Polyana built a bath, which offers stunning views of the Caucasus mountains.

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Football teams that will play in Sochi 2018 have been finally announced. 05.12.2017

It was a great news for all football fans, especially Sochi fans, to hear what teams would play at the "Fisht" stadium during the World Cup 2018.

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Confederations Cup 2017

Traditionally, a year before the 2018 world Cup in Russia, the start of the Confederations Cup.

One of the areas of activities of the tourist company "SPHERE " is sports tourism. On the eve of the Confederations Cup football 2017 in Russia, the company has been attracting both Russian and foreign fans from all over the world - participation in a group of requests from fans, at least 6 people and also provides exclusive "hospitality packages" that include:

- ticket for the match

- passport fan

- the food and service during a match

- Parking place for transport

Hotel booking for an extra charge.

If the tickets for the match in any city of Russia, which will host the Confederations Cup in 2017 has already been acquired independently on the official FIFA website, you can take advantage of our offer package includes:

- accommodation

- transfer

- excursion

During matches in the cities of Russia, we carry out booking of hotels located near the stadiums where matches are held, services of guide-interpreter, excursions, transfers etc. travel services. In addition, the "SPHERE " can provide a special ticket for people with disabilities and for the fans who have excess weight. In this case, you will need a doctor's note about that. that the weight exceeds the norm.

Want to watch the matches live from stadium?

Contact the Travel company "SPHERE", Sochi telephone: +7 (862) 264-63-05





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