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Welcome to Olympic Sochi - guided tour

Special tour for our foreighn tourists who wants to know more about Sochi.

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Maintenance work on the cable cars of Rosa Khutor resort (Krasnaya Polyana) 06.11.2018

From November 6 to December 15, the Roza Khutor cable cars will be closed for preventive maintenance to prepare for the winter season.

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Opening of the ski season 2018-2019 in Sochi 31.10.2018

All lovers of winter sports and entertainment from December 14, 2018 waiting for the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana.

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New flights from Sochi to Baku opened 23.10.2018

From Sochi International airport regular flights to Baku will open from 3 November 2018.

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Imeretin Valley

Imeretin Valley

Imeretin Valley, also named Imeretin Lowland, is situated in the Adler district of Sochi on the Black Sea coast between the rivers Mzimta and Psou. It is a unique place and it became a Protected nature Zone in 1911 due to the decree of Tsar Government. Imeretin valley is the habitat of rare species of flora and fauna. The ruins of ancient Christian church are also located there. This church was built in the IX-X centuries. On its base there will be a museum.


First time in the history of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games all the arenas will be within walking distance of each other. At the same time in in the park will be about 75 000 visitors. And it's all thanks to the landscape features of Imeretin Valley. Today one of the main objects of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, a coastal cluster of Olympic Park is located in Imereti lowland. It includes the Olympic Stadium "Fischt", which got its name from the eponymous mountain, located in the western part of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, a Large Ice Palace, Ice Arena "Puck"(Shaiba), an indoor skating rink "Adler-Arena", curling center "IceCube", training centers for hockey and figure skating, the main Media Center and the Olympic village.

Moreover, there will be a track of Formula 1 aroundthe Olympic Park, 5872 meters long , and a theme park will be also located there.

Imeretin valley is a zone of international Olympic hospitality, a big resort centre, including hotels, apartments, shopping and entertainment areas. And of cause the beauty of nature.

Everyone can make a tour to the coastal cluster of Olympics 2014, located in the Imeretin lowland, to see Olympic objects. 

This tour is unique and impressive,it allows you to feel the spirit of the Olympics, become a part of Winter Olympics in Sochi. 

The program of excursion includes the following objects: Olympic stadium Fisht, Ice Palace Bolshoy stadium Shaiba, stadium Iceberg, stadium Adler-arena, as well as the road Formula 1.


Ice Palace Bolshoy is a stadium for ice-hockey, after the Olympics it will be used as a multipurpose sports, concert and entertainment center. It accommodates up to 12 000 people. The Palace looks like frozen drop,and its arena is such a mirror, at night it becomes almost transparent, allowing you to see what is happening inside.

Ice Palace Iceberg is built for competitions on figure skating and short-track, with a capacity of 12 000 people. In the basis of the arena laid a time capsule, the roof has a wave-like form, recalling the iceberg floating in the ocean. It emphasizes the fact, that  Winter Games are held in the seaside town.

Olympic stadium Fisht - the venue of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games. After the Olympics it will be used for the matches of the Russian football team, and as a concert and entertainment center. The stadium capacity is 40 000 spectators. In the basis laid a time capsule with a message to future generations: "Believe in yourself and we will win together".

Ice arena Shaiba is maid for competitions in ice hockey and sledge hockey in the framework of the Paralympics. It can accomadate 7,000 spectators. A symbolic puck is laid in the foundation of the arena. It looks like a snow drift or puck in motion.

Skating center Adler-arena - during the Olympics there will be a competition on speed skating. Capacity is 8,000 spectators. After the Games Adler-arena will be transformed into the exhibition center.

Curling center Ice Cube - the venue of Curling tournaments. The capacity of 3,000 spectators. It is the smallest Olympic facility in the Park.

The Grand Prix of Formula 1 will take place in the Olympic Park in 12 October 2014. You will see the newly built race track, which is very impressive even in unfinished form.

In addition, the hotels, located on the territory of the Imeretin lowland are also interesting objects themselves, each of them are made in their own unique style, with huge areas and wonderful beaches.






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