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Welcome to Olympic Sochi - guided tour

Special tour for our foreighn tourists who wants to know more about Sochi.

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In the resort of Rosa Khutor opened an unusual excursion object 12.07.2019

Ethno-farm "Shishin dvor" is sure to appeal to tourists who prefer agricultural tourism and farm products!

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KINOTAVR in Sochi 20.05.2019

The traditional festival dedicated to cinema will be held from 09 to 16 June 2019.

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In Sochi opened a new casino called " Boomerang" 22.01.2019

A new ambitious project from the gambling zone "Krasnaya Polyana" is open to visitors from January 4, 2019.

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"SPHERE" Travel Company welcomes you to our official site.

We are very interested in helping you to find some useful information on these pages.

We are the leading touroperator in Sochi, working since 1994. We pay personal attention to each of our clients, considering their preferences and wishes. We strive to offer services that are varied, available on demand, and affordable for every budget.


Flying to Sochi by Turkish Airlines

Flying to Sochi by Turkish Airlines

Sphere Travel is an agent of Turkish Airlines in Sochi. Therefore , if you are planning trips to Sochi, we recommend you to consider your flights via Istanbul. First - It's a great opportunity to see another country and second Ц you'll fly to Sochi by one of the best airlines in the world. Besides, if you are a group, we are able to provide you with special group rates for Turkish Airlines tickets.


Travelling in groups to Sochi

Travelling in groups to Sochi

If you are a group and want to know approximate cost of travel services in Sochi. Have a look at our sample tour, by clicking "more info" below. Of-cause any tour can be modified depending on your needs: by adding / excluding services or duration of stay.

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Excursions - city tours around Sochi

Excursions - city tours around Sochi

Excursions in Sochi are presented by a large number of interesting itineraries. "SPHERE" travel offers the most fascinating city tours around Sochi. You can find out the detailed descriptions of various excursions, their duration and cost. Each of the tours is a unique opportunity to discover Sochi with highly qualified guides and to know more about the world-class resort and the capital of Winter Olympic Games 2014.

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Breathtaking videos about Sochi and Russia

Breathtaking videos about Sochi and Russia

The coolest video clips about Sochi and Russia. These two amazing videos will give you a clear understanding why it is worth traveling to "the country of bears":) These two videos are "must watch"!!! Check it out by yourself!!!

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Rent a car in Sochi

Rent a car in Sochi

The following "rent a car" services are always available for you in "SPHERE" travel company: luxe auto rentals, bus or minivan rentals, budget car rentals. Car rental is available only when booking accomodation.

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Air Ticket Booking

Dear visitors, you can use the following online form for searching, booking and buying airtickets. The search includes more than 500 airlines, including domestic flights of Russian airlines.

ATTENTION: only e-tickets are issued. All payments are made by a credit card on the result page. The issued tickets are non-refundable. All dates, indicated in the issued tickets can not be changed either. If do not find a proper flight or you'd like us to search for a flight that fits you best, please do not hesitate to write us.


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