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World Youth Festival in Sochi 2024

The International Youth Festival will be held in the Russian Federation on the federal territory of Sirius in the period from March 1 to March 7, 2024.

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The "Astoria Grande" cruise liner will in Georgia and Israel as part of their cruises.

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Retro train "Sochi" 24.03.2023

From April 29, 2023, Russian Railways will once again launch a tourist train on the Tuapse Ч Sochi Ч Gagra route.

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A new standard of all-inclusive service for Russian hotels 20.03.2023

In Russia, the "all inclusive" and "ultra all inclusive" standards have been approved.

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Passenger train from Sochi to Crimea 03.06.2022

This year, from June 1, the first flight with the Simferopol - Adler message left.

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Tel: +79183029382 (WhatsApp, Telegram)



Paralympic Games in Sochi

Since the closure of the XXII Winter Olympic Games, Olympic Park is preparing to conduct the Paralympics 2014 . During this period the Olympic Park is closed, because of replacing the Olympic symbols on Paralympic, dismantling buildings and other hospitality work. But it will  be ready to welcome guests on March 7 on the Opening Ceremony of Paralympic Games. 

Paralympic Games in Sochi will last until 16th of March. Paralympic Torch relay starts in Moscow on March the 2, at 10.00. 120 torchbearers will carry the flame, among them: famous athletes , sports veterans , honored workers of Paralympic sport , coaches , composers , teachers, etc. It is noteworthy that every fire will be lit in several Russian cities simultaneously. The way of lighting the fire and its transmission from region to region will be also very extraordinary . Each time it will be done in a new and original way. Lighting the fire can happen from hammer and anvil, from the sun, from the Russian stove and even from a spark of the volcano! It will be the most unusual and innovative relay race in the history of the Paralympic Games. 

On March the 5th  will take place a unique ceremony of "unity" of Paralympic Fire of all federal districts of Russia . The torchbearers will carry the fire through the main streets of Sochi. 1350 Paralympic athletes and team members from 45 countries will take part in the Paralympics 2014 , five Paralympic sports will be played 72 sets of medals .Competition (sledge hockey , wheelchair curling, biathlon, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, para- snoubrod will take place both in the coastal and mountain- clusters.
Paralympic Games mascots are Ray and Snowflake . Paralympic Games in Sochi will become a celebration of the spirit, willpower and desire to live!

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