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Welcome to Olympic Sochi - guided tour

Special tour for our foreighn tourists who wants to know more about Sochi.

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The festival "Quiksilver New Star Camp" will be held in Sochi in April 2022 25.10.2021

The festival of extreme sports and music will be held in the mountains at the Rosa Khutor resort from 01 to 10 April 2022.

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A high-altitude family attraction of super trolls has appeared at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort 13.09.2021

The attraction is located on the territory of park "Gorky Fly".

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The first transparent suspension bridge in Russia was installed in the mountains of Sochi 13.08.2021

To walk along the bridge, you need to visit the Rosa Khutor mountain resort.

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Unique panoramic selfie points made of glass opened in Sky Park 19.04.2021

From April 15, 2021, the new product from the park of unique impressions is available to all visitors.

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Our services

Our services"Sphere" travel company is the leading touroperator in Sochi working in sphere of MICE travel. We arrange business conferences, meetings, seminars on the grounds of Black sea coast hotels. We choose and offer places for the MICE travel purposes in accordance with customer's requests: location, budget, accommodation type, technicians demands, other services ordered. In the section of our site you are able to become acquainted with capacity specification of meeting halls and their equipment. We also provide guide-translator services.

Active leisure and incentive /teambuilding programs

Our servicesTeam Building is an effort in which a team studies its own process of working together and acts to create a climate that encourages and values the contributions of team members. Their energies are directed toward problemsolving, task effectiveness, and maximizing the use of all members' resources to achieve the team's purpose. It is important to come together as a team working together to accomplish the same goals

Getting out in the beautiful mountains of the Black Sea coast and enjoying what Mother Nature has given us Our serviceswhile working as a team and accomplishing goals together, is truly a rewarding experience.

Come learn how working together can create a climate that encourages problem solving and task effectiveness that maximizes all your members' resources to achieve the team's purpose.

Our company has researched the outfitters with an emphasis on knowledgeable guides, personal customer service as well as value, dependability and reputation.

In consultation with you, we aim to develop a program that we jointly create, that targets your needs and fits Our servicesyour agenda, time, location, age and endurance of your team, meal and budget.

Business aviation

Gone are the times when flights on board business class aircrafts were associated in people's minds with only luxury and costliness. Today flying with business class aircrafts is a necessity for those who are keen to use their time and money with greatest possible effect.

In our company you can order a charter flight for flying to Sochi or any other city of Krasnodar region. At your disposal we offer aircrafts differing in economy, class, capacity, comfort and performance attributes.






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